Knitting for charity is an act of love

Knit-a-square and warm a cold child in 3 easy steps


Knit-a-square has distributed over 84,000 blankets
since 2008 to warm and comfort the cold,
orphaned or vulnerable children of South Africa.

Crochet or knitting for charity?

Join us, the warmest crafters on earth, to help the children


Learn everything about making and sending the squares and join our creative monthly challenges.


Loads of stories and up-to-the-minute photos of distributions and blankets.


Your purchases will help us keep our day-to-day operations directly in South Africa.


Our donors allow Knit-a-square to serve orphaned or vulnerable children.

Caring and sharing. All for the children.


Please contact us if you live in South Africa and have time to volunteer at the KASbarn.


Browse our community-inspired square, hat, toy and hand-warmer patterns. We’d love you to contribute too!


Download our our Knit-a-square Teacher Resource for a small donation, as part of the CreateCare Kids program.


Help spread the word about the wonderful work grassroot organisations do to help the children.

Crocheting and knitting for charity is an act of love

Crocheting and knitting for charity for Knit-a-square is an act of love because it makes a tangible difference in the lives of orphaned or vulnerable children and abandoned babies.

Did you know that there are a staggering 140 million children who have been made orphaned, vulnerable or abandoned in the world today because of disease, war and poverty?

More than 40 million of these children live in southern Africa, and in dire poverty.

Many of them are, themselves, affected by the disease HIV AIDS from which their parents have died. Many as young as the age of 10 head up families of their own younger siblings, living alone without any support. They lack so much that we might take for granted – love, shelter, food, education, and warmth.

We applaud and support the hard working children’s charities who provide these first four basic human needs. But your love of crochet and knitting for charity can provide the last item on the list – blankets to warm and comfort children who so desperately need your help.

Please join with us in this crochet and knitting project and add to the over 1.5 million 8” (20cm) squares already sent by compassionate crafters like you, from more than 60 countries worldwide, and received by Knit-a-square South Africa (KAS) since 2008.

The blankets achieved from these squares have enabled KAS to distribute more than 84,000 blankets, but there are millions more children and babies in dire need.

Knit-a-square has two simple but powerful goals

1. To warm and comfort as many children as we can with blankets, beanies, hand-warmer sets and soft toys.
2. To raise awareness of this terrible human tragedy and the many small unheralded organisations that work to support these children.

By contributing, you not only make an orphaned or vulnerable child warm, you help to bring the plight of the children to the attention of others by spreading our story, and asking them to join with you in supporting our project.


Free Crochet Pattern: Diamond in a Square

Pattern for use by kind permission of Linda MaltbyThis pattern produces an interesting square all on its own, but it can also be used as a technique to adapt smaller square patterns to the sizes required in KAS blankets.
free crochet patter

Free Crochet Pattern: Chain Stitch Square

An advantage of this free crochet pattern is that since there is no end to the rounds, you can tie on a new yarn when your previous yarn ends. You can also alternate yarns 'round by round' to make it look stripy.

Free Crochet Pattern: ABC Squares

These delightful crocheted squares make warm, solid squares. They are perfect for spelling words or making a complete Alphabet blanket.

Knit-a-square's Monthly Square Themes

Created as a way to bring members together and give people a chance to craft more interesting squares, the monthly themes add creativity, colour and variety to the blankets.It’s perfectly alright if you’d like to make your own style of square in your own colour choice.
knit-a-square wishlist

Knit-a-square Wish List

Over the years, Knit-a-square has grown organically and kindhearted members have sent a variety of goodies, but it has become essential for Knit-a-square to limit the items we distribute to squares, assembled blankets, hats, hand-warmers and cuddly toys, which is why we have created the Knit-a-square wishlist. All other items, as mentioned below, will be distributed through a third-party and not directly by KAS.